Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Despite the challenges of the daily grind. The mess. The chaos. The heartaches. The hardships.  There’s much to cause us and our families to stop. Pause. And be thankful for this Thanksgiving (1Thessalonians 5:18).

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Why are we failing at Race Relations?


The image of a professor at the law school defaced with black tape. The Harvard police were investigating the taping of images on Thursday morning as a hate crime.

From the streets to university campuses, it’s the issue of race: blacks, whether on the streets or in our classrooms, continue to express frustration over racial discrimination and prejudice.

I will like to think that as a nation we’re making headways toward racial reconciliation.  But lately, I’m beginning to question myself.

Why are we failing?

First, as a society, I believe we’re not doing enough.  We avoid the issue.  We don’t want honest, open dialogue for the sake of healing.  We’re still segregated.

Simply open your eyes.

Consider the inequalities when it comes to jobs and pay.

Second, as a minister of the gospel of Christ, from observation, I’m willing to say that for the most part the white church is silent.  Imagine what would happen if the privileged white church would lead the march against racism in this nation?

This inertia.  This inaction.  On the part of the white church must be challenged.

After all, it’s a gospel imperative (Galatians 2:14).

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Movie Quote: Braveheart

Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it.” –Malcolm Wallace to a young William Wallace

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The Rise of ISIS and the End Times

ISIS_TRAIL_OF_TERROR_16x9_992It wouldn’t surprise me at all that pulpits all across the US and the rest of the West are already speculating about the End Times, in the wake of the rise of ISIS.

But we shouldn’t be surprised at all!

We saw this coming.

ISIS instills fear and dread for sure.

I’m a firm believer that ISIS must be STOPPED.

And as we wait for that apocalyptic end to ISIS, for those of us out of the reach of ISIS, at least for now, we must continue to pray for our brothers and sisters who face death daily.

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‘War on Christmas’? Starbucks’ Holiday Cups causing a Stir

cup-13_515x390A simple change in the design of Starbucks’ holiday-themed cups has left critics and some Christians with a not-so-merry feeling. They claim it’s yet another war on Christmas… more

According to a Chicago Tribune article, there’s even one former pastor who thinks Starbucks hates Jesus.

And to compound the matter,

In the video, Feuerstein added that he wore a Jesus Christ T-shirt into the store “just to offend” — and also brought his gun with him, since Starbucks “hates” the Second Amendment. (Starbucks has expressed disapproval of guns in its locations in the past, but not banned them. Arizona, meanwhile, is an open-carry state.)

I wonder if this pastor thinks his actions are Jesus-approved, if you will?

A gun?!

You talk about twisted Christianity!  There should be another label for this kind of a folly.

And the name of Jesus is once more open to ridicule, in all of the wrong ways.

P.S. I’m off to Starbucks…

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A Conversation about God, Jesus, and the Bible

Recently a friend told me he had to show me something that would blow my mind.  I followed him to his vehicle.  He turned on his radio.  It was set to a Christian station.

You see, my friend is something of an agnostic.  For some reason, he struggles with the idea of God, Jesus, and the Bible.  But here he was, listening to a Christian radio station.

I was encouraged by what could only be described as a move of the Spirit of God.

For about a year now, my friend and I would have occasional conversations about God, Jesus, and the Bible.  He believes in some kind of a higher power, a supreme being, if you will.  Call this being God, if you like.

But he would have none of the Jesus of the Bible and evangelical Christianity.  He thinks Jesus was just a mortal man and not God.  As to the Bible, he believes it was written by man–nothing supernatural about it.

I said to him, “I’m encouraged by the fact that you’re listening to Christian radio.  I while back I know you would not be listening to this kind of stuff.”

My only role here is to continue to pray and witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ by my life and words, around this friend of mine.

The drawing. The opening of the heart.

The Lord, through his sovereign grace, will execute all this, in due time, if it be his will.

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What is so Appealing about the Anglican Communion?

anglican-communion-logo-1Over the weekend, I learned that a friend of mine is considering ordination in the Anglican Communion. While he’s no Scot McKnight or Michael Bird, both of which switch to the Anglican Communion in recent years, his reasons for joining the Anglican Communion are admirable.

The Liturgy.  He grew up in a rather low type, evangelical church.  For example, he confessed to me that he didn’t even know what was Advent and Lent until seminary days.

The Sacraments.  Again, this brother wanted something more.  He described his soul as impoverished.  There was so much to the sacraments that he was missing out on.

The Likes of Packer, Lewis, NT Wright.  He further shared with me that his respect for the likes of J.I. Packer, C.S. Lewis, and Wright has really impacted his consideration.

Thus far, he says he only objects to their apostolic succession claims (but it’s a minor issue for him).

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