The Grand Weaver

For years now I have been listening and reading the works of Ravi Zacharias and he has never disappointed me. In this lastest book of his, Ravi reminds the reader that a sovereign God is in control and that He has a purposeful designed and destiny for all those who call upon Him.


“His[God] design for your life pulls together every thread of your existence into a magnificent work of art” (p.17). And Ravi, in eight chapters, unpacks the Grand Weaver at work in our lives:

1. Your DNA Matters

“Every stage of the process my not look picturesque, but every detail will come into focus and possess its share of beauty” (p.31).

2. Your Disappointments Matter

“We see gold only because of the way the light catches our earthly dwellings at different times of our experience, at different times in our lives” (p.36).

3. Your Calling Matters

“When your will becomes aligned with God’s will, his calling upon you has found its home” (p.59).

4. Your Morality Matters

“The moral threads of a life were intended to reflect and honor the God we served; they are not a means of entering heaven” (p.91).

5. Your Spirituality Matters

“Without truth, spirituality is nothing more than a confession that sheer matter alone does not answer life’s deepest hungers” (p.106).

6. Your Will Matters

“Our will has no power to do God’s will until it first dies to its own desires and the Holy Spirit brings power within” (p.122).

7. Your Worship Matters

“Worship is the ultimate pleasure that binds and defines all other pleasures” (p.150).

8. Your Destiny Matters

“What is destiny? It is to feel, to see, to have all of the senses finally converge in the fullest expression of purpose” (p.163).


“God holds the threads; you hold the shuttle. Move it at God’s behest, and watch the making of something spectabular” (p.173).

Ravi wonderfull and penetrating weaves Scripture and stories to make this volume a must read.

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