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Updating the NRSV?

A few weeks back I mentioned in passing that I’ll like to see an update of the NRSV. Let’s say that Harper decides to update the NRSV and asks for your suggestions, What will they be? I’m just curious…

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Are We in for An Islamic Onslaught?

For a few years now Islam has been the fastest growing religion in the West. More and more people are finding Islam appealing. What is it about Islam that makes it so appealing? Are more and more people becoming disillusioned … Continue reading

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Meme: What Has God Been Teaching Me?

I was greeted by a tag from Roger Mugs at Theologer this morning. Here’s what Mr. Mugs has in mind: I’d like to start a meme here about what God has been teaching me (or you as the case may … Continue reading

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I Challenge the HCSB at Rom 3:25 and 1 Cor 16:2!

I’m not too fond of the HCSB (sorry Jeff) at Romans 3:25 and 1 Corintians 16:2. As a version that is attempting to increase its readership, I believe the HCSB could have done better. “God presented Him as a propitiation … Continue reading

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