Breaking News From Zondervan!

If you’ve been reading my posts and comments in blogosphere, you’d have discovered that someone from Zondervan contacted me on my reviews of the TNIV Reference Bible. Well, that gentle soul from Zondervan and I have been exchanging a few emails today. Here’s a snippet from his first email:

Thanks for your ongoing support of the TNIV in the blog-o-sphere. We are working diligently on new TNIV Bibles and one exciting development is a high end TNIV Reference Bible that we will release this November that will be bound in our new premium, hand crafted leather – retailing for $99 AND it will include two ribbon markers, thanks to your request. The type size will remain at 9 for this release. But hang in there, in another year or two, I’d love to see us do that high end wide margin, large print version for the select few that have requested it.

After reading this I ran straight to my wife to share the good news. I’ve made a TNIV-convert out of her. Here’s a snippet from a second email:

I’d like to send 10 of these premium TNIV Reference Bibles to the first ten PASTORS who respond to your post with why they love the TNIV or have switched to the TNIV from another translation. Of course the Bibles won’t come until early December.

Fellow pastors you’re in for a treat this coming Christmas. Thanks to Zondervan. Just share why you love the TNIV or have switched to it. And don’t forget to send me a private email of your physical address, so that Zondervan can send you your Christmas gift. Thanks.

I’m so excited!

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26 Responses to Breaking News From Zondervan!

  1. Stan McCullars says:

    You made my day with this post. I’ve been hoping for a quality TNIV and here it is with two ribbon markers. I trust they will keep the smyth sewn binding.

    This is good news.

  2. tc robinson says:

    Stan, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be smyth sewn. If they did with the bonder leather, I’m sure we’ll have it with this premium leather edition.

    Yep, two ribbon markers. That’s the way to go, I think.

  3. Iris says:

    I am delighted the TNIV is coming out in leather. I put mine in a leather cover so it will feel good to use.

    I am not a pastor, so probably don’t qualify for the gift Bible, but as a Bible Teacher ( with a Bible School I have recently switched to TNIV as my primary teaching Bible. The reason is simple. As I read and then check it with the Greek — it usually is quite good — quite accurate. That blesses me. It is fresh and alive and it flows off the page well.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is exciting news! Kudos for Zondervan. I’ve been using the NIV for years, but now that the quality of the TNIV is going to be addressed, I’m definitely going to make that switch as a pastor. I’ll send you my physical address. Thanks Zondervan and Connecting.


  5. Iyov says:

    Congratulations. Looking forward to your review.

  6. tc robinson says:

    Thanks, Iyov, but it’s going to be a few months coming (smile).

  7. Nathan Stitt says:

    A shame it’s only open to pastors… If they are interested in other bloggers who will review it I’ll give you my address.

    In Jan. I requested a copy of the current TNIV reference bible but never received a reply to my email one way or the other. This is exciting news.

  8. tc robinson says:

    Nathan, my guess is that pastors will be able to get their congregants to use the TNIV. But I feel you.

  9. tim says:

    Well, I for one love the TNIV.

    We need modern translations for today’s men and women.
    It is a wonderful thing you are doing…

    As a pastor, I am always encouraging my people to read versions that help them with their relationship with God..
    and the TNIV is one of those.

  10. Jerry says:

    Fantastic news! I will be waiting in line. The post didn’t say if it would be single column or not, I sure hope so. I have used the TNIV since it came out and have replaced all the pew bibles with TNIV’s, passed out TNIV’s as gifts and purchased TNIV’s for the congregation to purchase. The accuracy is one reason I use the TNIV. I am amazed how often I am reading a commentary and it turns out the TNIV has the “proper” translation. Also, the issue of gender is huge for me having worked in youth ministry for 11 years before pastoring for the last 7. Women need to see they are as important as the fellas.

  11. tc robinson says:

    Tim and Jerry, thanks for stopping by and expressing your interest in the TNIV.

    Jerry, send me an email of your physical address, so I can forward it to Zondervan for your free bible. Thanks.

  12. Mark L. says:

    From what I’ve seen, I like the TNIV. I’m thankful for the effort to put the word of God into language that the “common people” can understand, and yet that remains faithful to the text.

    Just curious, is the free Bible offer for preachers still open, or am I day late and dollar short? 🙂

  13. tc robinson says:

    Mark, thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad that you find the TNIV an accurate translation to use. Yes, we have a few more.

  14. Roger says:

    To whom it may concern:

    I have not seen the new Bible. But I certainly would love to see it use it and commend it if possible. I am not a pastor but have served as one and am currently teaching religion and communication at a Baptist college. I would love to get a new Bible in the hands of my students. Count me in if you will please.



  15. ElShaddai Edwards says:

    @Nathan: check your email…

  16. Kevin Sam says:

    TC, thanks for your post and your continued correspondence with Zondervan about making improvements to the TNIV Reference Bible to make it even better. Your recommendations are very good ones.

    Well, here’s why I love the TNIV and have switched to the TNIV.

    Ever since I got my first copy of the TNIV, I have been a fan of it and have been one of its defenders. I have switched over to the TNIV from the NIV for my exegesis because its improved accuracy has given me a greater confidence in the word of God. As a result, I preach and teach from the TNIV more than from any other translation today.

    This is one of my favourite mediating translations for several reasons. The biggest reason is that it is now more accurate due to updated biblical scholarship. Second, it is more readable due to linguistic improvements. And thirdly, as a gender-accurate translation, the TNIV it enables the scriptures to speak to today’s generation more directly.

    I have already been recommending the TNIV as a reliable translation to others in my congregation, and will continue to do so in the future.

    Yours truly,

    Kevin Sam, Intern Pastor
    Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church

  17. Tom Campbell says:

    I love the TNIV because it is more accurate and understandable than the NIV. The NIV helped me fall in love with God’s Word. The TNIV helps me stay in love with it!

  18. tc robinson says:

    Kevin and Tom, thanks for sharing why you love and use the TNIV.

    Yes, I agree that it’s a great translation. That’s why I use it! (smile)

  19. K.A. Walker says:

    I appreciate a good translation of the New Testament Greek. The TNIV captures the language. I refer to it often.

    Pastor K.A. Walker

  20. tc robinson says:

    Pastor Walker, thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with the TNIV.

  21. I am the senior pastor of the Sterling Boulevard Church of Christ and I have enjoyed the improvements that have been made in the TNIV. I believe that a version such as this will be a better guide to our lay members seeking better insight from God’s word.

  22. Bryan says:

    The thing I love about the TNIV is that it is a scholarly translation that is readily accessible to everyone. It is always one of the translations I use when I do any sort of exegesis, and it is also one of the translations I go to when I want to check my own translation. At the same time, whenever I preach using the TNIV, I know that everyone will have no trouble understanding the Scripture and following along. The TNIV excels in accurately retaining the very word of God, translating the Scriptures into clear English language. The TNIV comes from top-notch scholarship, yet it is able to speak into the lives of every reader through its clear translation. Because of this, the TNIV has breathed new life into the ancient scriptures, allowing yet another generation to hear accurately and clearly the Word of God.

  23. Stan McCullars says: is taking pre-orders.

  24. Douglas K. Adu-Boahen says:

    Dag! I use the TNIV in my devotional reading and have to admit that I really love using it. Might save me up so money and get me a Reference Edition…

  25. tc robinson says:

    Doug, the TNIV is a great Bible. It’s my Bible of choice for reading, reflecting, preaching and teaching.

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