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A Pentecostal Calvinist?

I came across the following sometime today: I was educated Southern Baptist, after being raised Roman Catholic, and have been in the Pentecostal/ charismatic [P/C] church since 1979. While I still believe in the present day use of the charismata, … Continue reading

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Stan Expresses His Love for the TNIV!

After recently setting up his own blog, Just After Sunrise, fellow blogger Stan expresses his heartfelf love for the TNIV.  Here’s a snippet on his post: Please don’t drink the Anti-TNIV Cool Aid. Do a little research for yourself. You … Continue reading

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A Puzzling Passage of Scripture, I say!

While reading a book of mine, I was forced to pay attention to Acts 19:18.  I then took a look at my Greek text and came to the conclusion: that these Ephesian Christians—even though they had come to faith in Christ—they … Continue reading

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