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A Chat in Open Theism Over Lunch

Today at lunch a pastor friend and I talked about open theism, among other things. He had read some stuff about the subject but not enough to be an “authority.” We talked about the misgivings about both calvinism and open … Continue reading

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A Recovering Blogaholic!

Today a fellow pastor and I went out for lunch. We talked life, ministry, theology, and yes, blogging. He confessed to me that he doesn’t blog anymore because is a recovering blogaholic. Here’s the grind: my pastor friend use to … Continue reading

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The Seven Basic Tenets of Progressive Dispensationalism

Progressive Dispensationalism (PD) is “the idea that although God works in distinct periods of administrative structure (a dispensation is a stewardship arrangement), so that Israel is not the church is not the kingdom to come. His plan progresses through increasing realization … Continue reading

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Five Negative Effects of Dynamic Equivalence

These Five Negative Effects of Dynamic Equivalence are according to Leland Ryken (Bible Translation Differences, adapted from The Word of God in English) professor of English at Wheaton College and literary stylist of the ESV. Here we go: 1. Taking Liberties in … Continue reading

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