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Why Do We Pray?

Because of my renewed interest in open theism, a question has emerged with a haunting spirit:  If the future is closed and predetermined, Why do I and other faithful believers pray? Is our belief in a predetermined future only theoretical … Continue reading

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Bishop N.T. Wright On Christian Baptism

Simply Christian is simply provocative and engaging.  In it Bishop Wright has recast a lot of biblical themes in a whole new light, yet remaining true to Scripture, but not without provoking disputes. Christian baptism is one of those biblical … Continue reading

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Wayne Grudem on Open Theism

In Beyond the Bounds, which is a response to Open Theism, theologian Wayne Grudem has a chapter called “Why, When, and for What Should We Draw New Boundaries?” (pp 339-70).  In his concluding remarks, professor Grudem says, Open theism leads … Continue reading

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Do We Limit the Exercise of Our Spiritual Gifts Because of Our Worship Styles?

Forgive my almost puritan-like title to this post.  But on a serious note: Do we limit the exercise of our spiritual gifts because of our worship styles?  This question came from another question over on Gentle Wisdom: Does the look … Continue reading

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