Reading Through the Gospel Narratives in the NRSV…

Earlier today I was blessed to find the NRSV XL with Apocrypha on sale for just about $18, which was down from the regular price of $37.95—I went ahead and got it.

And to make matters interesting, I was actually planning on reading the Gospel narratives, but I was wavering between my TNIV and the NLT2.  Well, I’m going to let the XL NRSV take me through the narratives.

My wife likes the color!

Furthermore, I plan to find out why the NRSV didn’t make R. Mansfield Top Ten Bibles’ List.  I was indeed heart broken to find the NASB at #3 where the NRSV should have been.

Well, Rick plans to rework his woeful Top Ten Bible Versions—so let’s not be too hard on him. 😉

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14 Responses to Reading Through the Gospel Narratives in the NRSV…

  1. Nick Norelli says:

    Nice! And NASB at #3?!! 😮

  2. TC, Excellent purchase. The layout of that Bible is beautiful. It should make for a pleasant reading experience.

    You may want to keep the TNIV and NLTse close by for comparison.

    I must defend the NASB (at least the updated version) being in the top 10. I don’t find it as wooden as some make it out to be. It’s pretty solid. Of course I may be influenced by the fact that I purchased two of them in the really nice goatskin so I have a lot invested in the translation.

  3. Kevin Sam says:

    At $18–what a deal! I haven’t seen the NRSV XL that low before. It’s a well made bible with the hand-sewn binding. The NRSV is one of the best translations available and it’ll make a good read through the Gospels. Good purchase TC.

  4. nothingman says:

    Great find!!!

    Interesting that I, too, am reading through the Gospels in the NRSV right now as well. I am using the NLTse as a comparison.

    In my opinion, the NRSV shines in the NT, but I have had a very difficult time with it in the OT, especially the Prophets.

    Have fun!

  5. tc robinson says:

    Nick, I couldn’t pass up this on this one.

    Stan, Do you believe the NASB should be ahead of the NRSV?

    Kevin, yea, I do like the NRSV, even though it’s not my maintain text. But the price was right. 😉

    Nothingman, Where are you in the Gospels? Did you read Mark first? What about the NRSV in the prophets?

  6. TC, Ahead of the NASB? No. In the top 10? Yes.

  7. tc robinson says:

    Stan, Why not ahead of the NASB?

  8. petermlopez says:

    I like Mansfield’s top 3 even though I would order them slightly differently (NASB, NIV, HCSB). I say NIV rather than TNIV because, as you and I have discussed earlier, I have yet to experience the TNIV, but it’s on my to-do list now thanks to you TC (right after the NLTSB and the ESVSB).

    Congrats on the find, for $18 how could you resist. Keep us posted on your new friend.

  9. tc robinson says:

    Peter, here’s my top three: TNIV, NLTse, NRSV. I’m working on a few posts regarding the NASB and the TNIV and NRSV. Hopefully I can start posting them on Monday. 😉

  10. TC, nothing definitive yet but over the past couple of weeks the TNIV and NLTse may be edging out the REB. Nothing definitive. I’ll keep you posted.

    I may have to start reading the NRSV a bit more. I haven’t given it a fair shot.

  11. tc robinson says:

    Stan, the TNIV and the NLTse are a dynamic combo. But there’s a literary quality to the REB that I like.

    Well, I’m working through Matthew in the NRSV. I plan to do a post on the NRSV and the TNIV on the Sermon on the Mount. 😉

  12. petermlopez says:

    tc, both you and El Shaddai Edwards seem quite fond of the REB. You both have discussed its literary quality. I must admit, I have zero exposure to the REB. I have never seen one in a church or bookstore around here. But, it’s not in your top 3??? Do you mean as an accurate translation, or personal preference? I may have to order one and bump it to the top of my to-do list.

  13. tc robinson says:

    Peter, I’ve actually started reading the REB this year. Elshaddai, R. Mansfield, and Stan are more up on the REB.

    But from what I’ve read so far, I’ve found myself liking it, esp. for it’s literary qualities.

    To be honest, I don’t know where I’ll rank it.

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