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A Proposal: We need to translate Matthew 16:19b in Light of 6:10

Translations can’t decide on how to render Matthew 16:19b.  There are basically two renderings: First up: I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth is already bound in heaven, and whatever … Continue reading

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Why Aren't more Pulpits Preaching the Message Jesus Actually Preached?

Jesus came preaching one message.  And you would have thought that we would all be preaching that same message.  But we are not.  What most of us are preaching is what Stuart, I believe, calls “the truncated gospel” (check out his four-part … Continue reading

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Two Glimpses of the Kingdom I MUST share!

Everywhere I look I’m seeing expressions of the kingdom which will find its full expression when the King of glory returns.  Here are two of those glimpses that I was able to experience over the weekend: 1. A Church Praying … Continue reading

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Breaking Federal Law: Pastors Preaching Politics?

So there’s this Federal Law which says that non-profit organizations like the church to keep their tax exempt status—they must keep politics out of the pulpit. I personally think this pastor is choosing the wrong battle. His reason for breaking … Continue reading

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