Amos 5:21-24 is Quite Disconcerting in The Message

After I got back from an out of town, two-day training session in Church Planting, my worship leader sent me Amos 5:21-24 from The Message:

21-24“I can’t stand your religious meetings.
I’m fed up with your conferences and conventions.
I want nothing to do with your religion projects,
your pretentious slogans and goals.
I’m sick of your fund-raising schemes,
your public relations and image making.
I’ve had all I can take of your noisy ego-music.
When was the last time you sang to me?
Do you know what I want?
I want justice—oceans of it.
I want fairness—rivers of it.
That’s what I want. That’s all I want. (emphasis mine)

I had never read Amos 5:21-24 in The Message, so I thought my worship leader was just being creative.  But he assured me that it was from The Message.

Quite disconcerting.  Quite prophetic. Quite true.

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11 Responses to Amos 5:21-24 is Quite Disconcerting in The Message

  1. Bryan L says:

    I love the Message’s rendering of that passage. My pastor read it to our church once. Despite how much the Message gets hated on, I’m a fan.

    Bryan L

  2. TC Robinson says:

    Bryan L: Yeah, Eugene Peterson nailed it. He really brings things live.

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  4. ElShaddai Edwards says:

    Amen! I like the NEB/REB rendering of 5:23a — “Spare me the sound of your songs;” — but “noisy ego-music” really captures the idea!

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  6. John Radcliffe says:

    Yes, sometimes the Message just hits the spot. My all-time favourite is this bit from Matt 6 (worth the purchase price, all on its own):

    “The world is full of so-called prayer warriors who are prayer-ignorant. They’re full of formulas and programs and advice, peddling techniques for getting what you want from God. Don’t fall for that nonsense.”

  7. Nathan Stitt says:

    I’ve been reading the Message for the past month, and also taking it to church.

    This past Sunday I finally decided that it is not worth taking to church as it basically prevents me from reading aloud in our groups.

    I’m going to go back to taking my TNIV or NLT next weekend. I’m thinking of taking the next month to read exclusively from the NLT study bible, and then finish up my review of it for my blog.

  8. TC Robinson says:

    Nathan: I suppose some sections of The Message are a bit too much to be read aloud.

    Well, I’m still stuck with my TNIV, though I use the NLT quite a lot in my preaching these days.

    Looking forward to your review. 😉

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