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Gordon Fee’s Work will outlast N.T. Wright’s?

Some call me a Wrightian, as in a follower of N.T. Wright.  Perhaps I am (but I really don’t think so). At any rate, when, over at Mark Steven’s eclectic blog, commentator Danny chose Fee over Wright and then said: “[Fee’s] … Continue reading

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John Calvin is cited against Anne Rice

Blogger Jim West decided to come at Anne Rice quitting-Christianity a bit differently.  He argues that Ms Rice was never in to be with: ‘Author’ Anne Rice has said that she has ‘quit’ being a Christian. What she evidently doesn’t … Continue reading

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Shame on Novelist Anne Rice for Quitting Christianity?

HT: Near Emmaus Before we go into an anti-Anne Rice rant, perhaps we really need to stop and hear what she is really saying. Has Christianity as we know it been anti-gay, anti-Democrat, anti-secular Humanism, anti-feminist and so on?  Of … Continue reading

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Rethinking the Whole Body in Worship with Scot McKnight

For a few years now I’ve been rethinking the whole matter of worship.  And while I’m not against the liturgical approach to worship that is reflected in many Christian traditions, it doesn’t work for me. My body wants more. And … Continue reading

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