Did you know?

“Tamar and Rahab were Canaanites (Gen. 38, Josh. 2); Ruth was a Moabitess (Ruth 1); Bathseba was the wife of a Uriah, a Hittite, so probably a Hittite herself (2 Sam. 1).  The implication of Jesus being the heir of Abraham and his universal promise is underlined: Jesus the Jew, and the Jewish Messiah, had Gentile blood!”  (Chris Wright, Knowing Jesus, p. 5, bold added)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read Matthew’s genealogy.  I’ve also preached about the shady women who made the list as a testimony to God’s grace.

But never about the Jesus the Jew, the Jewish Messiah—having Gentile blood!

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6 Responses to Did you know?

  1. Oh TC, you just love to stir things up! 🙂

  2. T.C. R says:

    Nah, I’m actually reading Chris Wright’s Knowing Jesus and found that interesting, something I should have know all these years. It sure stirred me up. 😉

  3. Sue says:

    You haven’t read Gospel Women by Richard Backham. He has a chapter called The Gentile Foremothers of the Messiah.

  4. T.C. R says:


    I should consider that one. 😉

  5. Brian says:

    I think Rahab and others were also prostitutes…

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