Book Review: The Grace of God by Andy Stanley

The doctrine of God’s grace always excites me.  In fact, when it came time to name our second child, a girl, it was my turn, so I chose the Greek term for grace, Charis.  I know, a grace nut!

And for about ten years now I’ve been studying and reading books on the grace of God.  So when I saw Andy Stanley’s The Grace of God on sale recently, I had to buy it.  About a day later, I started reading it.  I’m so glad I did.  Below is something of a review.

Andy Stanley begins his study of the grace of God with creation itself as an act of God’s grace all the way to the church being “Commissioned by Grace.”  Along the way, Stanley takes the reader through some of our favorite Sunday school stories but with a highlighter, highlighting the grace of God.  Ancient and forgotten stories became refreshing, dripping with the sweet taste of God’s grace.

Stanley explores the misunderstood Ten Commandments as an extension of God’s grace, while providing a helpful backdrop for the reader to appreciate this.

Of all the chapters, two really stand our for me.   First is “Accepted by Graced.”  Here Stanley takes a closer look at Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus to reveal the very story of God’s grace.  Stanley writes, “There was no point in hiding the fallen and flawed humanity of Jesus’ ancestry.  In many ways, that was the point of the story” (p. 137).

The second chapter is “Commissioned by Grace.”  One of the reasons why this is a standout chapter for me is the fact that Andy Stanley, pastor North Point Community Church, shares his original vision behind the launch of North Point.  “We wanted to create a church that unchurched people loved to attend.  We had this crazy notion that church isn’t for church people;  the church, like God’s grace, is for people people, All people.  Everybody” (p. 205).

I’ve been following the ministry of Andy Stanley for a few years now, and like all his other books I’ve read in the past, I commend this one as well.

One more thing:  I do agree with Beth Moore when she said of The Grace of God, “Andy Stanley has captured grace with a wide-angle lens… and it is one beautiful sight.”


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