A Baptist Church refused to marry a Black Couple

Back in June, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) elected its first African American president.  It was a historic move, given the fact that the SBC was founded because of Baptists in the South who wanted to uphold slavery.

I applaud the move and hope to see more African Americans appointed to key leadership positions in the SBC.  But the stench of racism remains.

When the First Baptist Church in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, a Southern Baptist church, refused to marry a black couple, and threatened to oust its pastor if he were to marry the couple in the church, we are quickly reminded of the fact that racism is still alive in our churches, despite the election of an African American president.

A powerful minority in this Mississippi church had the final say.  While I feel for the pastor, I am deeply saddened that a powerful minority has so much sway.  I am reminded of the biblical Diotrephes (2 John 9-10).

I hope this incident provides many local churches with the opportunity to educate themselves and embrace racial diversity as a natural outworking of the gospel of Jesus Christ (see my post here).

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