Our Disappointment with God

Our disappointment with God is grounded in our unbelief and pride.  Why do I say this?

First, because of our fallen and broken world, our view of God is often tainted and flawed.  Remember, in our fallen state, we do not truly see things as we should.  We are self-centered, at best.  And this self-centeredness has blurred our vision, especially of God.  Because of this, our disappointment with God is based on our perception of God.  The operative word here is “our.”  It becomes “our” view of God, not his revelation of himself in his Word and in Jesus.

Second, because our perception of God has been tainted by sin, we have a tendency to want to control and manipulate God like we would everything and everyone else.  We are use to be in control.  We want more than anything to control our own destinies.  We want to have the final say in the outcome of our lives.

We often treat God as a mere assistant toward these ends of self-domination.

So when things are not going our way, we become disappointed with God.  We even find ourselves asking, “Why me, Lord?”

But this is really no fault of God’s.  It’s our perception of him–thinking that we can control him like we would our TV channels with a few clicks on our remote controls.

But he is God.  We are not.

“For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust” (Psalm 103:14 ESV).

Rather, our perception of God should be based on God’s revelation of himself in his Word and ultimately in his Son, Jesus Christ (John 1:14, 18).

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