The Pastor and Problem People

In every pastorate I’ve been, I’ve always encountered problem people.  I must confess that I have not always handled these situations with Christlike wisdom.  Though I’ve learned a thing or two, I still have much to learn.

In reading Warren Wiersbe’s On Being A Servant of God, I’ve discovered some much needed insights.

You’ll meet problem people and problem situations wherever you go, so make up your mind to expect them, accept them, and let God use them in your life.  The devil wants to use problem people as weapons to tear you down, but the Spirit can use them as tools to build you up.  The choice is yours (p. 17).

In Christian ministry, problems with people are among the most difficult to bear; and the people who have—and cause—the greatest problems are those who need us the most (pp. 17-18).

Instead of running away or quitting, this is the perspective as pastors and Christian leaders that we need to have.  We need to let the love of Christ—Christ’s love for us and our love for him—compels us (2 Cor. 5:14).

In other words, we need to be channels through whom the love of Christ flows to the very problem people that God himself has entrusted to us, and in so doing, let him finish his work in them (Phil. 1:6)

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