Be Humble in Your Theology

After reading 3.21.1-6 in John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, I needed to hear Joe Thorn’s “Be Humble in Your Theology,” from his Note To Self.

It’s so easy to boast in our theology: from where we went to seminary to who we read, a bunch of dead Reformed guys, to who we listen to.  But I hear Joe.

The more robust, the more detail your theology, the more humble you should become.  Why?  Because you did not figure God out; he revealed himself to you…

It’s possible to be technically accurate in your theology and yet miss the mark of humility.  Be passionate for God, fight for truth, contend for the faith, but be humble.  Your knowledge is a cause to be humble, not a reason to boast in your insight or tradition.  (pp. 54, 55).

In a way, I think Joe Thorn is only echoing that great doxology and application of the Apostle Paul from Romans 11:33-12:2.

So if our theology doesn’t lead to doxology and devotion, then it is lacking and defective.

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