On Reading Dead Heroes

I first heard of reading dead heroes through the ministries of John Piper and John MacArthur.

While I’ve been slow to agree with Piper and MacArthur over the years, I’m now in full agreement with them.  I’ve found a certain richness to these dead heroes of the Christian faith.

Given their limited resources compared to ours, these men made the most of what they had.  They were not as “distracted” as we are today.  I mean, these men were Bible saturated.  I’ve been reading Charles Haddon Spurgeon, and I can’t tell you how impressed I’m with this man’s knowledge of the Bible.  It is as if Scripture just oozes out of him.  It is often said of Spurgeon that if you were to cut him, he would bleed bibline.  That’ how saturated with Scripture he was.

So I’ve found myself parting ways with the more popular books.  Now, I’m spending time with these dead heroes of the faith, particularly Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion and Spurgeon’s Lectures to My Student.

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