On Reading Old Books

On relocating to St. Louis from California last summer, I parted ways with about ten boxes of books.  In looking back, I’m glad I did except for a few books I should have held onto.

Now I’m getting ready to part ways with some more books.  I’ve gone through a kind of transformation.  Old books are more appealing to me know.  A few years ago, I had read about the valuse of “old books” from C.S. Lewis.  But I really didn’t pay the matter mind.  But in reading C.H. Spurgeon’s Lectures of My Students, I’ve been reminded of the value in reading old books.

To be honest, I do like reading these old books.  There’s a sort of cadence to the writers that I’ve come to like–an acquired taste, I guess.  I get a bit of history along the way as well.

I’ve already been going through my books and seeing what I must part ways with, to make room for something old.

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4 Responses to On Reading Old Books

  1. Old books on Kindle are usually cheap, and often more entertaining than new ones. Reading lots of old detective stories these days.

  2. TC says:

    Chuck, I can tell. 😀

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