Denzil Washington Describes his Experience with the Holy Spirit

In a GQ magazine interview, in opening up about his Christian values, famed actor Denzel Washinton describes his experience with the Holy Spirit.  The incident took place while the minister was preaching, at the church he attends in Los Angeles, CA.

“That was thirty years ago, at the church I still attend. The minister was  preaching, ‘Just let it go.’ I said, ‘I’m going to go with it.'”

“And I had this tremendous physical and spiritual experience. It did frighten  me,” Washington revealed. “I was slobbering, crying, sweating. My cheeks blew  up. I was purging.”

Scripture tells us tha the Spirit blows wherever he wishes.  I do not believe any human being can control the work and effects of the Holy Spirit.  With that being said, we still need to be cautious in a world known for its counterfeits.

It may have been a genuine experience. But what the actor describes next gives me cause for concerns.

“It was too intense. It almost drove me away,” Washington said. “I called my  mother, and she said I was being filled with the Holy Spirit. I was like, ‘Does  that mean I can never have wine again?'”  (emphasis mine, read entire post here)

I appreciate the genuine nature of the actor’s reaction to this phenomenon.  However, I do not believe a genuine experience of the Holy Spirit’s inflling drives anyone way.  If anything, this Holy Spirit filling drives the believer toward God, resulting Holy Spirit approved activites (Eph. 5:18-21).

But I may be wrong.

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