Notes on Psalm 133: “When Brothers Dwell in Unity”

After using Psalm 133 for Scripture reading at our Lord’s Day morning worship, last night I decided to make a few notes on it.  Here we go:

A world that is as divided as ours needs the wisdom and insights of a Psalm like this.  We find ourselves divided along the lines of race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, and the like.

Verse 2When brothers dwell in unity is likened to the precious oil on the head.  I decided to rely on that principle of letting Scripture both interpret and illustrate itself.  So what did I come up with?  According to a text like Exodus 30:22-32, oil was used on those who were set apart for the purposes of God.

If nothing else, experience has taught all of us the strength in unity and weakness in disunity.  Moreover, we are more effective in the hands of God when we are unity.  I recall Jesus praying unity among his followers in John 17.

On the head is perhaps a symbol of the authority of the person thus anointed.  For example, in the anointing ceremony of Aaron as high priest, oil was poured on his head (Lev. 8:12).

Verse 3.  Next, when brothers dwell in unity is likened to the dew of Hermon. That Mount Hermon has a towering place in Scripture is evident from its lofty elevation and stragetic position, especially in reference to Palestine.  In digging a bit deeper, I found the following:

Mt. Hermon is the source of many blessings to the land over which it so proudly
lifts its splendid form. Refreshing breezes blow from its cold heights.  (International Standard Bible Encyclopedia)

Which falls on the mountains of Zion! (enough said).

For there the Lord has commanded the blessing, life forevermore.  When the Lord’s people dwell in unity, the Lord is sure to command his blessings.

Concluding Thoughts.  Just today, in my own denomination, I heard of infightings, going back some ten years.  How sad.

And these infightings among the Lord’s people multiply exponentially when we consider what have been happening among the various Christian denominations–for centuries.

But our Lord prayed for unity among his people.

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