The Challenge of Homosexuality

The other day my wife and I tried to watch a new show on TV but were forced to stop.  Why?  Well, as we were viewing this show, all of a sudden, two women begin to kiss.  Right there and then, we stopped the show.

This is the American culture we live in.  This is the challenge facing the American church.

Of course, we’re already of certain Christian denominations who have embraced homosexuality to the degree of ordaining practicing homosexuals to Christian ministry.

  • About a week ago, while on CNN, Joel Osteen found himself pressed to share his view on homosexuality.
  • Pastors and leading Christian bloggers are wondering if it is hate speech to say that homosexuals can change.
  • And Chick-Fil-A is facing a media firestorm because of its public stance against homosexuality.

So this is the challenge before us.  How should Christ followers respond?  First, we do not need to alter the gospel of Christ.  When the gospel is proclaimed, it calls for repentance from sinful lifestyles and trust in Jesus of Nazareth as Lord and Savior.  Second, we do not need to engage in hate speech and the like.  We need to LOVE those who are opposed to our message of the gospel and its call to repentance.  Third, we need to PRAY.  There is no need to yield, to compromise.  We need to keep praying.

As I bring this post to a close, I encourage Christian leaders to lead their people to love homosexuals and seek to understand them.

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