On Listening to D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The first reference I heard to D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was while listening to a sermon by John MacArthur.  It seems like “The Doctor” was someone I should really get to know through his writings and sermons preserved at the Lloyd-Jones Trust.

So I purchased Preaching and Preachers and eventually read it.  Now I find myself downloading and listening to available sermons of “The Doctor” at the Lloyd-Jones Trust.  What can I say about these sermons?  First, they are rich biblically and theologically.  Second, they are expository in nature.  Third, as in the vein of the Puritans, they display “logic on fire.”  Fourth, they reveal the heart of someone who is committed to the authority and all-sufficiency of Scripture.  Fifth, they reveal the high priority that Lloyd-Jones placed on the preaching of the Word of God.

Do yourself a big favor and get to know this 20th century man of God.  Perhaps you can start with the excellent biographical sketch delivered by pastor and theologian John Piper here.

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