My Bible Reading Plan

I’ve been reading the Bible daily since January of this year, despite travel here and there.  This is not meant to be arrogant or anything to that effect.  But I do take pride in what I have been doing, attempting to know Scripture better and ultimately, its Author better.

In this reading journey, I have been reading four to five chapter daily, going through different sections of the Bible.  I have not taken the tradition Genesis-Revelation route, though I’ve already completed a reading of the entire New Testament.  I’ve been reading sectionally in the Old Testament.  Currently I’m toward the end of reading through Joshua to Esther–I’m in Ezra, as of this morning.

I consider the reading of Scripture a sacred act.  Before I begin to read, I usually seek the Spirit’s blessing.

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2 Responses to My Bible Reading Plan

  1. Scott says:

    Back in May, I had started on a ‘Bible in 90 days’ reading plan. I got through Genesis to almost the end of 2 Chronicles. I’ve taken a ‘break’ from it for now. Should pick up the rest of the OT in the near future. But I really enjoyed reading such a large sweep over about 60 days, at times reading 10 chapters at once.

    • TC says:

      Scott, I tried something similar before – 10 chapters a day. It’s quite a challenge, as you know. But I’m glad you got that far. At least you enjoyed the joy. 😀

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