Book Review: Be Myself by Warren W. Wiersbe

Over the years I’ve enjoyed reading biographies and autobiographies of men and women God has seen fit to use.  With this in mind, here’s a brief review of Be Myself: The Autobiography of a Bridge Builder by Warren Wiersbe.

In Be Myself, Wiersbe takes the reader through quite a journey, beginning with his childhood.  I never knew Wiersbe was something of a magician in his early years.  I particulary enjoyed his visit with D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones and his wife.

It was interesting to discover that Wiersbe only pastored three churches: Central Baptist, Calvary Baptist, and Moody Memorial.  From what I’ve read, I believe his years at Calvary Baptist were his most fruitful.  Between Central Baptist and Calvary Baptist, he did a stint with Youth for Christ, and then after his last pastorate, Moody Memorial, was on the radio with Back to the Bible.

Along the way, I also discovered the Wiersbe and I have a few things in common.  First, we are both seriously directionally challenged.  Second, it seems like we both have a sort of restlessness about us.

Wiersbe has a certain wit about him.

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1 Response to Book Review: Be Myself by Warren W. Wiersbe

  1. Jonathan says:

    I wish I could’ve had lunch with Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones!

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