Leading the Fight Against Racism

This could have been called an open letter to the American church on the issue of racism.  I so wish the American church would lead the fight against racism and racial prejudice in this nation.  Rather, we find American evangelicals up in arms against abortion and gay marriage.

While abortion and gay marriage go against biblical truths and are matters to be concerned about, so too is the matter of racial prejudice.  But on a whole we continue to ignore matters of racism.  We are afraid to engage in meaningful dialogue.  Perhaps we think racism will just fix itself.  How sad.

And in this hotly contested election, according to an Associated Press poll, racial prejudice, anti-black sentiments have increased.

Like many, with the election of our first black president in 2008, I had high hopes for our nation toward racial healing and reconciliation.  But these anti-black behaviors across this otherwise great nation of ours–concern me greatly.

I’m truly saddened.

Racial prejudice continues to mock this nation.

However, there is hope.  The Lord of the universe has entrusted to his body, the church, the proclamation of the gospel.

When the local church, especially here in American, take seriously the proclamation and the modeling of the gospel, we will deal a serious blow against racism.

Because the American church is not leading the fight against racial prejudice, we find ourselves as a people to be plagued and mocked by this evil.

My challenge to pastors, Christian leaders, and local churches is to lead the fight against racial prejudice–for it is a gospel matter (Gal. 2:11-14).

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2 Responses to Leading the Fight Against Racism

  1. Craig Benno says:

    T.C. Sigh! We so often preach morality instead of Christ. I think that the church in general tends to forget that Jesus was not a white middle class citizen. I’m blessed to be part of a ministry which truly has participants of the Gospel from many corners of the globe ministering to the broken hearted in our community.

    Gal 2:11-14 is one of my favourite passages of Scripture and one that I try to live out on a daily basis.

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