God and Hurricane Sandy

The US death toll is now about 40 people.  Untold devastation has been wreaked all over the East coast.  Millions have already been displaced.  Hundreds of millions, if not approaching billions, of damages.

Not to mention the unquantative damage on the human psyche.

But we’re back to that all too familiar question, Where was God?  I’m mindful of hurricane Katrina in all this.  We’re talking a similar narrative here.

Once again, God is in the dock, as it were.

When the waves cease and the winds are still, I stand firmly on two biblical and theological landmarks.  First, I stand on the sovereignty of the God of the universe.  Despite a Sandy, despite a Katrina, God remains in control (Mark 4:39).

Second, I stand on the love of God.  By love of God, I have in mind his goodness, kindness and the like. This love of God is steadfast and endures forever (Psa. 100:5).

And when we ask, Where was God?  I must answer, “He was present” (Psa. 46:1).

But what good is God’s presence when a hurricane is allowed to rage and to destroy anyone or anything in its path?

I wish I had the answers.  I don’t.  But I know this: God will work good through all this, for his glory and the good of humanity.

My prayers and good wishes go out to all the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

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