Let’s Pray for Our Black Males


Now that I have your attention.  First, the title of this post is deliberate.  You will notice the possessive preposition “our.”  I’ve long come to believe that we’re a human family, creating in the image of God, for his glory.

“Race” is an artificial construct that does more harm than good.  Therefore I speak of the human family.  The brotherhood of humanity.  I speak of our oneness.

And while I may use the terms “black” and “white” in this post, they are only meant to describe skin pigmentation–nothing more, nothing less.  So permit my folly at this point.

Second, while building on my first point, I want to echo civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when I say that the fate of black males is inextricably joined to the fate of rest of humanity, especially here in these United States.

So let’s not indulge in such speech as “it’s just another black man” or the like.  I challenge you not to be dismissive.

Third, the fate of the black male is a societal crisis.  Our prisons are filled with them.  HIV is on the rise among young black males.  Black males continue to massacre each other.  They continue to dropout out of school and turn to a life of crime, violence, and drugs.

It’s the choices they have made.  I get it.

Not all black males are in prison, infected with HIV, toting a weapon to do harm and so on.  I get it.

We’re speaking of a national crisis.

But as I conclude these thoughts, might add the reality that many families will be facing: many of our black males will be missing these Christmas holidays either because they are behind bars or were taken prematurely from us due to murder of some sort.

I know more could have been said.  Perhaps I have revealed my own ignorance along the way.  Perhaps were not worded properly.  Now if you can get past these shortcomings of mine, I challenge you to join me on your knees, as a fellow brother or sister in Christ, and let’s pray for our black males.

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