A Christmas Prayer from Karl Barth

The following Christmas prayer by noted theologian Karl Barth was given before one of his sermons at the Prison of Basel, in 1954:

Dear heavenly Father!  As we are gathered here to rejoice in thy dear Son who became man and a brother for our sake, we beseech thee most heartily–show us how great is the mercy, loving-kindness and help that thou has prepared in him for  us all!

Open our hearts and our understanding and we shall grasp that in him is forgiveness of all our sins, is seed and growth for a new life, is comfort and counsel in life and death, is hope for the whole!

Create in us a true spirit of freedom to go out humbly and courageously, and meet thy Son who comes to us!

Grant today to the whole Christian Church and to the world as well that many may break through the glitter and vanity of the holiday season and truly celebrate Christmas with us.  Amen.

I pray that you too will find this prayer much needed, as we draw closer to another Christmas, seeking to “meet thy Son who comes to us!”

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