On Convictional Leadership

Since leadership is positive influence toward a common cause or goal, which is based on an inspiration generated from character, competence, clarity, courage, and conviction, it is incumbent on the leader to lead with deep convictions.

No one wants to follow a leader who flip flops–who says one thing today and does something else tomorrow.  Here is the bottom line: people admire and respect those with deep convictions, whether they agree with them or not.  They say to themselves, “We may not agree with Bill, but we know what Joe stands for.  But I can’t say the same for Larry, he stands for nothing.”

In closing, to paraphrase the ancient Socrates–unexamined beliefs are not worth keeping.  You see, our convictions are what shape us and determine the course of our lives.

(Let me recommend Al Mohler’s Conviction To Lead.  See my review here)

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