Reading J.I. Packer’s Concise Theology as a Devotion

0842339604There are ninety-four entries in J.I. Packer’s influential Concise Theology: A Guide To Historic Christian Beliefs, written from a Reformational and evangelical perspective and are “peppered with [scripture] texts to look up.”  In 2012, I read them all.  At the end of reading them, which I did over a few months, I said this would make for a good devotion.  In fact, in writing his “compressed material,” his term, Packer hoped that they “might expand in readers’ mind to lift their hearts Godward” (Preface, xii-xiii).

Along side my daily Bible reading, I have begun reading Packer’s Concise Theology as a devotion, which will run me little over three months.  I’m somewhat theologically-wired.

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