Have Something to Eat

I’ve just concluded another reading of the book of Job.  With every read I’ve come to appreciate it more.  The humble acknowledgement of Job in 42:1-6 is an acknowledgement that encompasses us all, that is, if we have truly evaluated ourselves in light of the majesty of Almighty God.

And in light of the restoration of the fortunes of Job at the hands of God, Job’s brothers and sisters, with a view to sympathizing with and comforting him, they shared a meal with him (42:10-11).

But why does the narrator of the book of Job include the fact that they “ate bread with [Job] in his house”?  Given the significance of sharing meals together to celebrate a friendship or to confirm the cutting of a covenant or the favor of God bestowed, I have thus concluded that Job 42:10 fits this overall movement quite well.

This meal shared by Job and his brothers and sisters is both a recognition and celebration of God’s covenant faithfulness to Job.

Which brings me to a similar scene in the New Testament, from which we may draw similar conclusions: it involves a post-resurrection appearance of Jesus with his disciples.  To a frightened and bewildered band of disciples, Jesus appears, having prepared bread and fish, says to them, “Come and have breakfast” (John 21:9-14; note Luke 24:36-43).  In eating with Jesus, the disciples’ fright and bewilderment were replaced with peace and worship.

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