On Meeting Michael F. Bird

IMAG0393When I heard that NT scholar Michael F. Bird was going to be lecturing at Covenant Theological Seminary here in St. Louis, MO, I had to make time to be there and meet him in person.  And while prof Bird and I have been virtual friends for sometime, through blogging and Facebook, I had never met him in person.

I got to the lecture hall a bit earlier, just hanging in the foyer.  After about ten minutes or so, I noticed Mr. Bird walking toward the doors.  I quickly moved to get the doors.  Though we had never met in person, Mr. Bird recognized me (it’s my Facebook picture).

We talked about his trip, his stay in St. Louis, and some theology, of course.  Then it was time for his first talk of the evening, “Not by Paul Alone: Why the Gospels Matter for Faith?”  For the next hour, with his Australian accent working for him, prof Bird offered eight reasons for why the Gospels matter for faith, with each buttressed by quotes from either the early church fathers or the magisterial reformers.

At the end of the first talk, there were a few minutes of Q&A.  Prof. Robert Yarborough would ask the first question.

But I had to leave after the first lecture, a lecture that was quite informative and lively, thanks to an acute sense of humor from the prof from Down Under…

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