Black History Month: Thank God for the Cosby Show

In an American culture where image is everything, though not a Christian production or an attempt to be Christian, as a Christian, who happens to be black, I am thankful to God for The Cosby Show.

Why?  Well, a couple of weeks ago, a colleague and I, my colleague being white, began to talk about racism and the need for genuine acts and gestures of racial reconciliation, in nation that continues to grapple with racism.

Along the way, I shared with him my wife and I decision to intentionally go out and purchase the Cosby Show and make it a staple in our viewing diet.

My white brother got it.  He understands how blacks are often portrayed in a negative light in our culture, which is quite unfortunate.

I remind our two children regularly that they are who God says they are, and not what others, who are often misguided and malicious, say they are.

Along with our effort of promoting Christian values in our home, we have been putting the Cosby Show to good use, and for that, I’m grateful.  At some point, you have to be countercultural.

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