Baptists are Confessional Too

Many often only associate confessional Christianity with the Anglicans, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Reformed churches, and the like.  Baptists are often excluded from the confessional list.

Perhaps this is also due to some Baptists chant, “No creed but the Bible,” and the low church nature of Baptists.  But this is to confuse high church liturgical with confessional.

At any rate, the reader only needs to consider the so-called 1689 Baptist Confession, which is a slight modification of the earlier Westminster Confession.  It is “so-called” because it was actually written in 1677, not 1689 (you may find a history here).  However, because of the Act of Toleration, which opened the way for some religious freedom for non-Anglicans, was not passed until 1689.

Then there is the noted New Hampshire Confession of 1833.  Make not mistake about it, but Baptists have always been confessional.  Following is a list of several Baptists historic documents: here.

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