On Creedal and Confessional Imperatives

In The Creedal Imperative, which is a solid contribution for the use of creeds and confessions in the life of the local church, Carl R. Trueman, professor of Church History at Westminster Seminary, concludes thus:

“To take the Bible seriously means that creeds and confessions, far from being intrusions into the Christian life, are actually imperatives for the church.”  (p. 189)

For a better context of this conclusion from professor Trueman, visit this blog sometime this upcoming week for a book review.

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4 Responses to On Creedal and Confessional Imperatives

  1. Lon says:

    Loved this, Thanks. I discovered the value of creeds long ago and they have marked my spiritual journey. Way back when I still belonged to anti-theological circles I studied Philip Schaff’s “The Creeds of Christendom.” At that time, my wife and I studied the WSC and many hymns for our devotions together. And as each of my children grew, I taught them the WSC, too.

    No regrets.

    • TC says:

      Lon, I’m glad that you appreciate this. I’ve been on a similar journey myself. Recently I read where many evangelicals are converting to Catholicism for this very reason.

      • Lon says:

        I think the Athanasian, Nicean, and Apostles’ Creeds, as well as Constantinople will happily cross the Tiber with us to the Heidelberg, Westminster and London Baptist Confessions 🙂

  2. TC says:

    I remain hopeful. 😉

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