Atheist Richard Dawkins: on the verge of a Christian Conversion?

Every so often I visit The Christian Post.  Well, yesterday I stumbled into an article on famed atheist Richard Dawkins, where in an interview he referred to himself as a “cultural Christian” and more specifically “a cultural Anglican, similar to some people calling themselves ‘cultural Jews.'”  But Mr. Dawkins is not quite ready to give up his beliefs on the origin of the universe and so on.

After reading the article, I found myself thinking about the matter, especially in light of C.S. Lewis’ own conversion from atheism, as retold in his Surprised by Joy, and saying, that like Lewis, Mr. Dawkins may be on the verse of a Christian conversion, though he might have to come kicking and screaming.

And as a good Calvinist, I couldn’t help thinking also that the Spirit may already be preparing the heart of Mr. Dawkins, an atheistic “rebel,” to see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

While we may all be given to endless speculations in this regard, only the good Lord knows what he is doing with Mr. Richard Dawkins

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3 Responses to Atheist Richard Dawkins: on the verge of a Christian Conversion?

  1. Jon Hughes says:

    I can guarantee you that if Richard Dawkins converted, his (former) atheist colleagues would dismiss it as a product of senility.

    • TC says:

      Yeah, I believe even Dawkins said the same of the late Antony Flew, who albeist was something of a deist in the end. But who am I to give the last word on Flew or anyone, for that matter?

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