Rob Bell Is Wrong About Same-Sex Marriage

According to the Christian Post, while at The Forum of the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, Rob Bell gave his support for same-sex marriage.

“Yes, I am for marriage. I am for fidelity. I am for love, whether it’s a man  and a woman, a woman and a woman, a man and a man. I think the ship has sailed  and I think that the church needs to just … this is the world that we are living  in and we need to affirm people wherever they are.”

This is unfortunate but not surprising, given the theological trajectory of Mr. Rob Bell.  Rob Bell’s only rationale for his support for same-sex marriage comes not from the Bible, but yes, from Rob Bell himself.  And he even appeals to Jesus’ message of love for support.

“The powerful revolutionary thing about Jesus’ message is he says ‘what do you  with the people who aren’t like you? What do you do with the other? What do you  do with the person who is hardest to love…?’  “That’s the  measure of a good religion. You can love the people who are like you, that’s  kind of easy. What Jesus does is take the question and talks about fruit, he’s  interested in what you actually produce and that’s a different discussion.”  Read more here

But I think Mr. Bell is confused about what is at the heart of Jesus’ message of love.  Yes, Jesus met people where they were, but his love for them compelled him to lead them to repentance and wholeness.

Nowhere in the Gospels does Jesus affirm same-sex unions.

To hell with the message of Rob Bell.  The church does not need to listen to the likes of Rob Bell and what he thinks Jesus means by what he says.

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13 Responses to Rob Bell Is Wrong About Same-Sex Marriage

  1. David Beirne says:

    Been thinking that maybe John Piper wasn’t so far off with his infamous “Farewell Rob Bell” tweet.
    Bell has a wonderfully creative mind, but TC is correct–Jesus didn’t reach out to the marginalized to leave them there. Christ is about transformation, not validation.

  2. Todd Beal says:

    Jesus came to love the lost right where they’re at, but he also came to save the lost from living in their current sin. Paul said Jesus’ death on the cross makes us new creatures: Christ empowers us to live a life pleasing to Him apart from sin, otherwise we make a mockery of his innocent sacrifice For our sin.

    We, the Church, are caving in just like the Church in WWII Germany. Little by little we are becoming just like the World Jesus came to save. Jesus said be in the World but not OF the World. It’s time for a worldwide revival. It’s time to get back to the Bible and truly Live for God once again!

  3. TC says:

    David, yes, Piper was onto something. It’s that trajectory thing. I wish guys like Bell would take the whole of Jesus’ message and not the caffeteria approach.

    Todd, yeah, that reference to the church caving in WWII Germany is scary. Yeah, it’s time for a global revival.

  4. DanDan says:

    Tell us what you REALLY think! 😉

  5. jkillion52 says:

    So he believes in the need for “fidelity” – WHY? Inherent in fidelity is a standard – yet he has obviously abandoned same. The makes for a totally oxymoronic paragraph.

    He met the adulterous woman where she was and told her, “go and sin no more.”

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