The Interracial Impact of Lecrae

If a recent encounter at LifeWay Christian bookstore is any indicator of the impact of Christian hip hop artist Lecrae and others like him, then I’m somewhat encouraged.

DSC_8568I went to the music section and noticed two young adults–a Hispanic female and and white male–talking passionately about Christian hip hop, Lecrae in particular.  Though I had heard quite a lot about Lecrae, I had never listened to his music.  At any rate, I joined the conversation.

My new Anglo friend, who was quite versed in all things Lecrae, began to list and evaluate one Lecrae album after the other.  With my new Hispanic female friend still there, I said to myself, “This is good for racial reconciliation.”  God knows that I live for these moments!

Before you know it, I left with three Lecrae albums, having been persuaded by my new white friend and brother in the Lord.

It is safe to say that God is using Christian hip hop in remarkable ways.

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2 Responses to The Interracial Impact of Lecrae

  1. Simon says:

    TC, I think the subtitle of your blog (Black and Reformed) says it all. I have found that the coloured Reformed are far more able to bridge gaps than your typical southern white (angry – ok no more generalisations!!) Reformed male. Lecrae is in that category too I think. My Pentecostal (Hillsong) work mate is attending an Easter Christian music festival in Queensland Australia, which will feature Lecrae.

    I basically think being black and Reformed, you are able to distance yourself, to a certain extent, from all the culture wars and Evangelical Right nonsense. It seems to me that your typical white Reformed basically buy into these culture wars and are not really different than other politically conservative evangelicals on social issues. See Grudem’s book on Politics – it’s a shocker. I notice that RC Sproul tries to make a case for tea party/libertarian economic philosophy. In other words, they seem to be controlled, not by the text, but by conservative American evangelical subculture on certain issues. Ditto for those Reformed who try to rationalize gun ownership. Tim Keller and Carl Trueman are obvious exceptions to this. But it’s good to see a more diverse group among the young, restless and Reformed. Hopefully this more moderate element will have more influence on the angry white guys!

    • TC says:

      Simon, I must hand it to you for being so attuned to these affairs, if you will. I simply trying to appropriate the gospel to life’s situation, if you know what I mean. Yes, I try not to get caught up with all the politics, agreeing essentially with you that many, unfortunately, are being controlled by the American evangelical conservatism, which masquerades as Christian. It’s all unfortunate and sad.

      By the way, my family and I are big Hillsong music fans. We have all their cds/dvds going back to “Mighty To Save” up to the latest. 😀 How is that for interracial impact!

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