If the Supreme Court Legalizes Same-same Marriage, What Next?

Christianity Today (CT) features an article that I find a good complement to one I had written here.  Here’s an excerpt from that CT article:

“When pastors are pressed for their opinions about same-sex marriage, they should affirm both the theological position that marriage is designed for the union of male and female, and the moral position that sexual relations outside of marital union transgress the generous will of God. Church leaders should realize same-sex couples reside everywhere. The 2010 federal census estimates there are 131,000 married same-sex couples and 514,000 unmarried same-sex couples.

Whether pastors also wish to take the legal position that America’s marriage laws should codify the Christian theology of marriage is another question. I have my own misgivings on that point. But I have no misgivings saying that the primary role of the church is to witness to the love of God in Jesus Christ.

When we exclude and ostracize, we only make it more difficult for these men and women to hear the call of the God who made them in his image and for his glory. Let the church confess, let the Spirit convict, and let Christ redeem. ” (emphasis added, full article here)

I want to encourage you to give this excellent article a prayerful read.  It’s contents should be appropriated into our homes, churches, workplace, and so on.

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