Taking Repentance Seriously

Repentance means change, abandonment.  Repentance is necessary because of sin in our hearts–a sin which continues to beset us, to paralyze, to blind us, to harden us, and kill our consciences.

Repentance is a divine injunction.

But our pride, our self-centeredness, often says no, and expresses itself in rebellious ways–all self-serving.

The forerunner to Messiah, John the Baptizer came preaching this repentance (Matthew 3:1-2).  After John’s imprisonment, Messiah himself began preaching repentance (Mark 1:14-15).  Repentance is what our risen Savior and Lord commanded his recommitted disciples to preach (Luke 24:24).  It is what Peter pointed to when asked by the Jewish pilgrims in Acts 2: 37-38.  Repentance is the command that the Apostle Paul eventually reasoned his way to with the intellectual elite of ancient Athens of his day (Acts 17:30).

When I think about the state of our world and North America, in particular, it is obvious to me that we do not take repentance seriously.  We have forgotten how to blush.

We have become masters at rationalizing our sins.  We now call certain sins a matter of choice.  We talk of sexual preference as a matter of one’s choosing.  It’s up to us now.  We decide what is right and what is wrong.

We become the measure of what is sin.  It’s no longer God and his revealed character.  And if we even include God, it’s the God of our choosing.

We have forgotten how to blush.

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2 Responses to Taking Repentance Seriously

  1. jkillion52 says:

    History repeats & reminds me of one of the scariest verses in scripture:

    Judges 21:25 In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

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