The Truth of the Cross

It’s because of the truth of the cross that we may gaze upon and celebrate the beauty of the cross.

Well, back in 2007, noted Reformed pastor and theologian R.C. Sproul penned The Truth of the Cross.  In it, he “uses Scripture to unfold the meaning of the cross, its significance, and its purpose (see my review here.

I’m also aware of the various theories of the death of Christ on the cross.  My conclusion on the matter–I say let’s keep them all together, for this is both the truth and the beauty of the cross.

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2 Responses to The Truth of the Cross

  1. Colin Heath says:

    My Lenten book this year was “The Cross of Christ” by the late John Stott. closely argues, well expressed, challenging and pulling no punches. I recommend it.

    • TC says:

      Colin, believe it or not, of all the books I’ve read by the late Rev. Stott, I still haven’t read this classic of his. I’m somewhat ashamed of myself. Eventually I’ll get to it. 🙂

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