The Two Books I Keep Close

Bible Pic

On the Left.  That is my beloved NIV1984 UltraThin Reference Bible, published by Holman Bible Publishers in 1986.  I bought it at a used bookstore in Nashville, TN, in the Spring of 2002.  I was in college, and for one of my classes, we went on a field trip, which took me to Nashville.

It’s out of print, but I wouldn’t part with it.  I has a special place in my heart.  Though I’ve since purchased other Bibles, I always find myself coming back to it and keeping it close.


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Perhaps I can humor you will a little story about it: when my son was about 3 or 4, he torn out a page and handed it to me–page 981 on one side (the end of Acts 18 and most of chapter 19) and page 982 (the rest of chapter 19 and most of chapter 20).

Of course, I was a bit upset.  But I managed to crack a smile.  I got some tape and took care of it.  Every time I turn to the New Testament, it goes to that place, and I remember that day with a smile.  My son and I will always have that special moment.


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On the Right.  This will be my beloved Greek New Testament, NA27.  I bought it in 2003.

In January of 2004, at the beginning of  my 1&2 Thessalonians class for seminary, I spilled coffee on it.  It was opened at the end of Colossians 4 and the beginning of 1 Thessalonians 1, where we were.  Yep, it’s coffee stained.

Now you know why.

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4 Responses to The Two Books I Keep Close

  1. Nick Norelli says:

    Did you buy the NA27 leather bound or did you have it re-bound?

  2. TC says:

    Nick, I bought it that way. But only recently I replaced the one ribbon with two.

  3. jnotestein says:

    I have a Holman NIV84 thinline that i bought in ’86 except mine is burgundy. Well made and lasts a long time! I find myself reading the ESV more now, but I really like this smaller reference Bible especially because it’s black letter. Like you, lots of use and lots of the same vein, I have a NIV78 compact w/snap flap I bought in the early 80s because I travel a lot and it’s held up well for 30 years! Lots of memories there too.

    • TC says:


      For some reason your comment wen to spam. Sorry about that. Yes, this Holman thinline is quite durable, and it has character too. Black letter is a plus. I like the font too. They don’t make Bibles like that anymore.

      Yeah, I still use mine, even though I have other Bibles. But I have no NIV78. 🙂

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