Woman Ordained as Priest

I found this piece intriguing, given the fact that just yesterday I had a discussion with a few colleagues about the ordination of women and women in ministry, in general:

index“A dissident Catholic group ordained a Kentucky woman as a priest Saturday, highlighting divisions between U.S. members of the church and the Vatican.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — In an emotional ceremony filled with tears and applause, a 70-year-old Kentucky woman was ordained a priest on Saturday as part of a dissident group operating outside of official Roman Catholic Church authority.

Rosemarie Smead is one of about 150 women around the world who have decided not to wait for the Roman Catholic Church to lift its ban on women priests, but to be ordained and start their own congregations.”  read more…

I’m reminded of a conversation that NT scholar Scot McKnight shared in his Blue Parakeet, between himself and F.F. Bruce about women in ministry:

Scot McKnight: “What do you think, then, about women in church ministries?”

F.F. Bruce: “I’m for whatever God’s Spirit grants women to do.”

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