“Divine Conspirator” Dallas Willard Dies at 77

dw600-nav02_thAccording to Christianity Today, “Dallas Willard died today at age 77, days after being diagnosed with cancer.

Willard is most familiar to Christians from his books: The Divine Conspiracy (Christianity Today’s Book of the Year in 1998), The Spirit of the Disciplines, Hearing God, Renovation of the Heart, and, most recently, The Great Omission. But philosophy is both his primary vocation and the foundation of his devotional writing. According to Willard’s wife, Jane, his book on German philosopher Edmund Husserl’s early work, Logic and the Objectivity of Knowledge, was the “other woman” in their marriage for the 15 years it took him to write it. Conversely, she had to press him to write The Divine Conspiracy after he had been teaching its principles to church groups for several years. “He works individually,” she says. “He doesn’t process things out loud. I would hear it when he preached it.”  More here

Back in California, I remember a fellow pastor and I having many conversations about Dallas Willard works.  A Christian philosopher indeed (see my post on Willard and Scripture Memorization here).

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