Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative by Sam Storms

A few months back I heard about this book from Sam Storms.  I’m glad that it’s here.

Back in September, 2009, John Piper a Historic Premillennialist, Doug Wilson a Postmillennialist, Jim Hamilton a Dispensational Premillennialist, and Sam Storms an Amillennialist sat down for an evening of eschatology (you may view the two-hour long discussion here). So I was given something of a preview of Storms Amillennialism, which is now elaborated his new book Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative, which is now 50% off at WTS Books (here).

Publisher’s Description:

The second coming of Christ is a matter of sharp disagreement amongst Christians. Many hold to premillennialism: that Christ’s return will be followed by 1,000 years before the final judgement, a belief popularised in the popular Left Behind novels. However, premillennialism is not the only option for Christians. In this important new book, Sam Storms provides a biblical rationale for amillennialism; the belief that 1,000 years mentioned in the book of Revelation is symbolic with the emphasis being the King and his Kingdom.

At any rate, I’d love to read this new book, to see how Storms explores his Amillennialism, a position which I currently hold to (see my post here).

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8 Responses to Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative by Sam Storms

  1. Jon Hughes says:


    No doubt it will be good.

    I’ve got Cornelis Venema (‘Promise of the Future’, Banner of Truth) on my shelf, which also articulates the Amillennial position. Beautiful sewn hardback with gorgeous paper and nice large print. I wish all books had the same quality.

  2. TC says:

    As you know, dispensational premillennialism is a big deal over here. In fact, it’s part of some churches confession of faith and even required in membership class – which I think is unfortunate.

  3. Jon Hughes says:


    You can read it on Amazon for free – it’s in Chapter One (“RECOVERING FROM CHURCH ABUSE”), second paragraph…

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