Study: Christians Who Tithe Have Healthier Finances by Joe Carter

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The Story: The finances of Christians who tithe are generally healthier than the finances of those who do not, according to a new study.

The Story: A new 5-year constituency study released by the State of the Plate gives an inside look at the financial, giving, and spiritual practices of 4,413 people who donate 10% or more each year. According to the Christian Post, researchers compared tithers to non-tithers using nine financial health indicators, and found that tithers were better off in every category. “The weird thing is, a tither looks at that and says to himself, ‘Well I’m better off because I give.’ A non-tither looks at that and says, ‘Oh, they give because they’re better off,'” said Brian Kluth, the founder of the study.

The Takeaways: Some of the more interesting findings from the study include:

• 77% of those who “tithe” give 11%-20% or more of their income, far more than the baseline of 10%.

• 97% make it a priority to give to their local church.

• 70% “tithe” based on their gross income, not their net.

• 63% started giving 10% or more between childhood and their twenties

• Tithers carry much less debt than most people and are financially better off than Christian non-tithers—80% of “tithers” have no unpaid credit card bills; 74% have no car payments; 48% own their home; and 28% are completely debt-free.

• What keeps non-tithing Christians from giving: 38% say they can’t afford it; 33% say they have too much debt; and 18% said their spouse does not agree about tithing.


Why should this surprise Bible-believing and obedient Christians?

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3 Responses to Study: Christians Who Tithe Have Healthier Finances by Joe Carter

  1. Craig Benno says:


    I’m surprised by your conclusion. I don;t think the Bible commands us to tithe 10% at all. For the most part, (depending who teaches it) the theology of tithing is very suspect and out of context.. However, I also believe you cannot out give God and he wants us to live generous lives according to what he puts on our hearts…and for some, that obedience may be to sell everything and give it away.

  2. Lon says:

    Thanks for sharing, TC. You’re right that this should not surprise Christians. It doesn’t surprise me, at least, even though I don’t think the NT teaches “storehouse” tithing; it doesn’t teach a percentage at all. It teaches generosity which is only measured by the conscience of the individual giver without regard to any external standard. AND it also teaches that generosity is rewarded with blessing. No doubt. No surprise. Let’s give to the Great Commission generously in proportion to His generous provision! Thanks again.

  3. TC says:


    I don’t think you should be surprised at my conclusion. Rather, I’m after the principle of putting God first, whether that is a tithe or not. You understand where I’m coming from? It’s the discipline of it, which I believe you will agree that God blesses. I believe Lon’s comment below goes with my conclusion, since I intentionally made it ambiguous. 😉


    Yes, you’re indeed echoing 2 Corinthians 8-9. “AND it also teaches that generosity is rewarded with blessing.” Exactly!

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