God’s Goodness and Human Suffering

Whenever there is a tragedy–untold devastation and the loss of human lives, resulting in unspeakable pain and grief–God and his goodness are put on trial.  We hear things like, “Where was God?”  “If he is indeed good, why couldn’t he have done something in all his goodness to either prevent or redirect a tornado that killed over 50 people, including children, in Moore, Oklahoma?”

1.  As a follower of Jesus and a serious student of Scripture, I do affirm God’s goodness.  It is who God is–he is good.

2.  I also see the need to distinguish between moral evil and non-moral evil in the world.  In other worlds, evil and suffering that are the results of human actions (for example, the recent shootings in Newton, CT) and non-human actions (for example, the tornado that passed that wreaked havoc on Moore, Oklahoma).

3.  Isaiah 45:15 speaks of God hiding himself.  In other words, not every purpose of this benevolent God is known by mere mortals like us.  We are often left with questions in the light of the fact that God has revealed himself as being truly good.

4. But why would a good and loving God allow evil and human suffering in his creation?  I’m aware that this is not an easy question to answer, especially when it hit home.

As a follower of Jesus, when I look at Scripture and all the evil and human suffering around me, while I too wrestle with these questions, I must affirm the goodness of God and declare that all his deeds are righteous.

I may not understand it all, but when I look at Jesus, the goodness of God embodied, to redeem fallen creation and rid the world of evil and suffering, my ultimate hope is in the fact that God is putting the world’s wrongs to right.

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2 Responses to God’s Goodness and Human Suffering

  1. D.Philemon says:

    We have told God we don’t need or want Him in our schools, government or public places. We want Him to stay out of our business. Then, when something like this happens we get mad because He didn’t stop it. Do we want all of God or none of God? We can’t have it both ways.

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