Alive to Wonder: Celebrating the Influence of C.S. Lewis by John Piper

cslewisIn the fiftieth year since C.S. Lewis died, John Piper is offering a little book as a celebration of the influence of C. S. Lewis in his life.  While I’ve read my share of Lewis works, I can’t claim the kind of influence of a John Piper from the pen of Lewis.  At any rate, here’s a description of Piper’s book:

“Even just a cursory reading of John Piper’s most foundational books exposes Lewis’s fingerprints. From the deep truths of Christian Hedonism to the good interpretive deed of valuing an author’s intention, Lewis-thought is there.

In this fiftieth year since Lewis’s death, Piper expresses his profound thankfulness in the form of this new ebook, Alive to Wonder: Celebrating the Influence of C. S. Lewis. Nine chapters of this ebook comprises the excerpts from Piper’s corpus where Lewis’s influence is most vividly seen. We’d like to thank Crossway and Multnomah for their support in featuring that content in this special volume.

In the Introduction, Piper calls attention to a quality of Lewis’s work coined “magisterial humility,” which hangs as a banner over the particulars Lewis may teach us. This magisterial humility, Piper explains, is a need in our day, and while it won’t keep us from all error, we can learn from Lewis how to ’embrace truth more wisely and humbly, even the truth he didn’t see.’”  (free download formats PDF, EPUB, and MOBI)

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