Prayer of Confession

Faithful God,

Out of sheer grace You have called us into a covenant relationship of love with Yourself, based on Your promises to us in Christ.  And You have graciously given us the gift of baptism and the Lord’s Supper to seal, remember, and celebrate that relationship.

Yet we confess that we have not handled these ordinances as the precious treasures that they are.  The ordinances celebrate what You have accomplished, but we distort and neglect them in order to celebrate our own accomplishments.  In our arrogance we even misuse baptism by counting the number of people we have baptized as a measure of our own success or failure.  Oh God, forgive us for our foolish pride!

Like, we have allowed the Lord’s Supper to become a meaningless, neglected ritual.  We have so devalued it that we find ourselves become aggravated when we have to try to “fit it in” to our worship services.  Because we don’t comprehend how the Lord’s Supper proclaims the Gospel, we neglect it in favor of things that “feel” more spiritual.

Father, forgive us for this false “wisdom,” and give us the faith to trust means that You have chosen to give grace to Your people.

So we pray in the name of Jesus, because we know that our hope to be forgiven and changed rest solely on His life, death and resurrection, which these these ordinances proclaim.  Amen.

At a recent training event on the ordinances, all of us in attendance were led in this “Prayer of Confession.”

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4 Responses to Prayer of Confession

  1. Todd Beal says:

    Taking Communion is a humbling experience for me. Sometimes it’s hard for me to make it through because I feel like I am killing Jesus all over again. For years, I would not/could not take Communion because my heart wasn’t right with God, but now that I am a Christian I ask God to prepare me inside to not take this terrible yet wonderful privilege lightly. Thank you Jesus for dying for me so that I won’t have to. Taking Communion just breaks me up inside, and even as I write this.

    Thanks TC

    • TC says:

      Todd, you’re welcome. Thanks for sharing this testimony. Per 1 Cor 11:17ff Communion shouldn’t be approached lightly. You got that. But I’ve come to believe that coming to the Lord’s Table is more about receiving from the Lord – the benefits of Christ and himself crucified – and not about what we bring.

      • Todd Beal says:

        Very true, TC, but at the same time I am celebrating his innocent death so that I the guilty one might live. It is bittersweet. If justice were carried out right now, I would be separated from God forever and eternally die because I am guilty of sinning against him. But Jesus, who is completely innocent, died the most awful death in my place so that, through his Grace, I will live with Him forever. I am so thankful that Jesus died in my place so that I can live. And at the same time, I am thankful he allows me to understand how undeserving I am so that I can truly appreciate his priceless gift. Oh what a Savior – Perfect in every way! What He gave for us on the cross, that’s True Love – Love put into action.

        Someone on your blog once wrote something similar to, “We cannot appreciate the value of redemption until we understand the meaning of sin and what we deserve because of it.”

  2. TC says:

    Amen, brother. May this resound with all of us.

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